CA DK Agarwal

Opening Of Foreign Branch/Project Office/Foreign Sub.


  • General Permission
    Reserve Bank Has Granted General Permission To Foreign Companies To Establish Project Offices In India, Provided They Have Secured A Contract From An Indian Company To Execute A Project In India, And
    • The Project Is Funded Directly By Inward Remittance From Abroad; Or
    • The Project Is Funded By A Bilateral Or Multilateral International Financing
      Agency; Or
    • The Project Has Been Cleared By An Appropriate Authority; Or
    • A Company Or Entity In India Awarding The Contract Has Been Granted Term Loan By A Public Financial Institution Or A Bank In India For The Project.
  • However, If The Above Criteria Are Not Met, The Foreign Entity Has To Approach The
    Reserve Bank Of India, Central Office, For Approval.



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