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Opening Foreign /Indian Company

Do You Want To Start Foreign Company?

  • Any Foreign Company Can Establish Its Place Of Business In India By Filling Form 44 (Documents Delivered For Registration By A Foreign Company). The EForm Has To Be Digitally Signed By Authorized Representative Of The Foreign Company.
  • There Is No Need To Apply And Obtain DIN For Directors Of A Foreign Company But The DSC Of The Authorized Representative Is Mandatory, Which Again Is Not Required To Be Registered On MCA Application.


Do You Want To Start Indian Company?


To Register A Company, You Need To First Apply For A Director Identification Number (DIN) Which Can Be Done By Filing EForm For Acquiring The DIN. You Would Then Need To Acquire Your Digital Certificate And Register The Same On The Portal. Thereafter, You Need To Get The Company Name Approved By The Ministry. Once The Company Name Is Approved, You Can Register The Company By Filing The Incorporation Form Depending On The Type Of Company.

step 1- Application For DIN

The Concept Of A Director Identification Number (DIN) Has Been Introduced For The First Time With The Insertion Of Sections 266A To 266G Of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006. As Such, All The Existing And Intending Directors Have To Obtain DIN Within The Prescribed Time-Frame As Notified. 
You Need To File EForm DIN-1 In Order To Obtain DIN. To Get More Information About The Same Click Director Identification Number .

Step 2 -Acquire/ Register DSC

  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 Provides For Use Of Digital Signatures On The Documents Submitted In Electronic Form In Order To Ensure The Security And Authenticity Of The Documents Filed Electronically.
  • This Is The Only Secure And Authentic Way That A Document Can Be Submitted Electronically. 
  • As Such, All Filings Done By The Companies Under MCA21 E-Governance Programme Are Required To Be Filed With The Use Of Digital Signatures By The Person Authorised To Sign The Documents.
  • Acquire DSC -A Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) Issues The Digital Signature. Certifying Authority (CA) Means A Person Who Has Been Granted A License To Issue A Digital Signature Certificate Under Section 24 Of The Indian IT-Act 2000.
  • Register DSC -Role Check For Indian Companies Is To Be Implemented In The MCA Application. Role Check Can Be Performed Only After The Signatories Have Registered Their Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) With MCA. To Know About It Click Register A DSC.

Step 3 -New User Registrations

To File An EForm Or To Avail Any Paid Service On MCA Portal, You Are First Required To Register Yourself As A User In The Relevant User Category, Such As Registered And Business User. To Register Now Click New User Registration.

Step 4- Incorporate A Company

Apply For The Name Of The Company To Be Registered By Filing Form1A For The Same. After That Depending Upon The Proposed Company Type File Required Incorporation Forms Listed Below:

  • Form 1:  Application Or Declaration For Incorporation Of A Company
  • Form 18 : Notice Of Situation Or Change Of Situation Of Registered Office
  • Form 32 : Particulars Of Appointment Of Managing Director, Directors, Manager And Secretary And The Changes Among Them Or Consent Of Candidate To Act As A Managing Director Or Director Or Manager Or Secretary Of A Company And/ Or Undertaking To Take And Pay For Qualification Shares

Once The Form Has Been Approved By The Concerned Official Of The Ministry, You Will Receive An Email Regarding The Same And The Status Of The Form Will Get Changed To Approved. To Know More About EFiling Process Click “All About EFiling”.


We ’Ve Prepared The Ideal Package Of Services For The Company Type Listed Above To Help You Start Your Business In India. In Order To Make The Process Go As Smoothly As Possible, We’ve Prepared A Limited List Of Necessary Documents We’ll Need So That We Can Prepare All The Rest For You. If You Have Any Questions About These Please Don’t Hesitate To Ask.