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Form DPT-3

E FORM DPT-3 In India

Filing Of MCA Form DPT-3

Has Your Company Taken Any Money Or Debt  And Haven’t Marked It As Deposit? In Case The Answer To This Question Is Yes, You Need To File An Annual Return To The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. This Needs To Be Filed In EForm DPT-3.

EForm DPT-3 Is Applicable On All Types Of Money Or Debts:

  1. Secured
  2. Unsecured
  3. External
  4. Commercial Borrowings Etc.

Form DPT-3 Process

  1. Furthermore, Even If The Company Has Received The Loan From The Following Type Of Entities, It Needs To File The FORM DPT-3

    1. Holding Company
    2. Subsidiary Company
    3. Associate Company.

    If You Haven’t Filed This Form Already, Then You Should Hurry. The Final Date Of Filing DPt-3 Arrived In 30th June Of Every Financial Year.

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Eligibility Criteria For E FORM DPT-3 In India

  • The Companies That Are Eligible To File FORM DPT-3 Are The Following:

    • Private Limited Companies
    • One Person Companies
    • Public Limited Companies
    • Section 8 Companies

    Note: Government Companies Are Exempted From Filing This Form.

Documents Required For Filing E FORM DPT-3

The Documents Required To File FORM DPT-3 Are The Following:

  1. Auditor’s Certificate
  2. Deposit Insurance Contract
  3. Copy Of The Trust Deed
  4. Copy O The Instrument Creating Charge
  5. List Of Depositors
  6. Details Of The Liquid Assets.
  7. Outstanding Receipts Of Money Or Loans Taken By A Company Which Has Not Been Considered As Deposits.

Process For Filing E FORM DPT-3

The Process Of Filing INC-20 E Form Is As Follows:

  1. Gather The Documents
  2. Go The MCA Portal
  3. Fill The E FORM DPT-3
  4. Submit The Form
  5. Receive Confirmation

Our Assistance To File The E FORM DPT-3

We, At CA DK Agarwal Provide End To End Solutions For Filing E FORM DPT-3. Our Services Include:

  • Collection Of Information And Starting The Process
  • Creating The First Compliance Draft
  • Reviewing The Draft And Making Changes If Necessary
  • Providing You The Confirmation Receipt.

CA DK Agarwal.In Is A Leading Legal Consultancy Firm Providing The Comprehensive Services Relating To E FORM DPT-3.

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