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Accounting And Book Keeping

Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In India

Accounting Is The Process Or Work Of Keeping Financial Accounts. Every Company Must Maintain Proper Books Of Accounts Of Its Affairs. Accounting Can Be Described As A Way To Communicate The Financial Health Of A Business Or An Organization To Any And All Interested Parties. It Is A Way Of Assessing The Assets, Liabilities And Cash Flow, Or The Future Of An Entity For All Current And Future Investors. It Is The Lifeblood Of A Business And All Types Of Business Have Basic Information That Is Recorded To Get That Job Done. Accounting Is The Process Of Storing, Sorting And Recording Financial Transactions. All Businesses Are Required By Law To Submit Their Accounts To The Income Tax (IT) Department And Most Need Also To File Them With The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. Several Start-Ups Tend To Ignore This Requirement Early On, And Then Scramble To Put Together Their Accounts When They Are Raising Funding Or Being Acquired. Maintaining The Books In-House Certainly Is A Tedious And Possibly Expensive Affair, But Getting It Done Would Significantly Reduce Pains In Complying With The Requirements Of The IT Department, Give The Promoters And Shareholders A Good Sense Of How The Business Is Doing, Prove Eligibility For Loans In Later Years, And Even Satisfy Investors

Accounting And Book Keeping Process

Eligibility Criteria For Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In India

There Are No Eligibility Criteria For Getting Our Accounting And Bookkeeping Services. However, We Do Require You To

  • Be Upfront About Your Financial Statements
  • Provide Us Access As Per Requirement
  • Ensure That Your Compliances Are Met

Process For Filing Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In India

Following Is The Process We Implement To Provide Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In India:

1.      Contacting The Client

2.      Asking Client For Access To Financial Statements

3.      Providing Our Services

Documents Required For Accounting And Book Keeping Services In India

  1. The Identification Proofs Of The Directors / Person / Partners
  2. The PAN Card Of The Business Entity And The Directors / Person / Partners
  3. Financial Statements Required

Our Assistance To File The Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In India

We, At CA DK Agarwal, Provide End To End Solutions For Filing Accounting And Bookkeeping Services. Our Services Include:

  • Collection Of Information And Starting The Process
  • Creating The First Compliance Draft
  • Reviewing The Draft And Making Changes If Necessary
  • Providing You The Confirmation Receipt.

CA DK Agarwal.In Is A Leading Legal Consultancy Firm Providing The Comprehensive Services Relating To Accounting And Bookkeeping Services.

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