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What Is RWA Registration In India?

Resident Welfare Associations Registration

If You Live In A Housing Society, Then It Is Mandatory For That Society To Have A Residential Welfare Association. A Residential Welfare Association Refers To An Association That Represents The Interests Of The Individual Living Inside A Specific Housing Society. This Form Of Registration Is Something That You Should Look For If You.

However, Why You Should Even Bother With Registering Your Housing Society:

  1. For One, It Is Necessary For A Society To Have A Residential Welfare Association.
  2. There Are Some Perks Associated With It That Affects All Of The Residents Of That Society.
  3. With Registration, The Housing Society Is Further Legitimized.
  4. An RWA Entails The Rules And Regulations Pertaining To Some Societal Amenities That Every Resident Should Conduct Them With.

Governed Under The Societies Act, The Process Of Residential Welfare Registration In Delhi Is Same As Society Registration.

At CA DK Agarwal, We Can Assist You With The Registration Process For RWA. Our Team Is Going To Ensure That You Get Access To An RWA As Soon As Possible. Get In Touch With Us To Know More. 

80G And 12A Registration Process

Eligibility Criteria For RWA Registration In India

To Be Eligible For RWA Registration, Yours Should Be:

  • A Residential Society
  • No Members Should Have A Case Against Them
  • The Society Should Have The Basic Amenities

Documents Required For RWA Registration In India

  1. A Xerox Copy Of Memorandum Of Association
  2. A Xerox Copy Of Rules And Regulations Document
  3. Affidavit Number 1 Pertaining To The Ownership And A No Objection Certificate For The Registered Office In The Society.
  4. Affidavit No 2 For Desirous Persons That Are Not Related To Each Other
  5. Name Of The Society
  6. Residential Proofs Of All Desirous Persons
  7. Identity Proofs Of All Desirous Persons
  8. Ownership Proof The Registered Office Of The Society
  9. IF Proof Of The Owner Of That Registered Office
  10. A Fully Completed Application Of The Housing Welfare Association Registration.

Process Of Obtaining The RWA Registration In India

  1. Gather The Documents Required For RWA Registration.
  2. File The Online Application
  3. Submit The Online Application To The Appropriate Authority
  4. Obtain RWA Registration Certificate After Analysis.

Our Assistance To Get The RWA Registration In India

We Provide End To End Assistance To Get You RWA Registration.

  • Document Collection
  • Filing The RWA Registration Application
  • Obtaining The Registration
  • Delivering You RWA Registration Certificate

Thus, If You Want To Register Your Resident Welfare Association, Reach Out To CA DK Agarwal


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